Ballet Class Combos



*Warm Up

-Facing barre: Tendu side, to place in second, plie roll through feet, descend legs straight down using inner thigh, then side tendu (R) and close. Front tendu, left front tendu, front tendu (R) rond de jambe to back. Then reverse from the back. 



-2 demi in first, one grand, cambré forward and back; to tendu à la second, 2 demi in 2nd and 1 full grand plié, 1 plie rolling through the feet and take a balance in à la second; tendu to 4th, 2 demi one plié releve and port de bras side the side; in 5th, 2 demi, 1 grand plié and a grand port de bras around the world. Take a balance in sous-sus. Détourné other side.



-Front tendu brush back and brush front, temps lié; reverse back inside leg; 1 close front, 2 close sides and en croix, and 1 extra to the back. Reverse. 

-Tendu from 1st front in plie, 2 closing 5th. Same back. Fondu coupé open side on relevé, 2 beats and balance. Reverse. 

-Front tendu, back tendu, side temps lié over 2nd and back close front and back & front & back; back 3 1sts 4th one closes 5th, inside front 3 closes in 1st, and the 4th one closes in 5th. Reverse. 

-1 front hold 2, 2 sides hold 5, front, side back, inside front pas de cheval and tendu 5th x2, and outside side pas de cheval and tendu x2. reverse. 



-5 battement en cloche front back front back front coupé out and close. 1 pas de cheval front. And 1 balloné side (open coupé open and close), and 1 pas de cheval side. And reverse. 

-2 piqué front, 1/4 turn to face barre & 2 piqué side, and turn other side and 2 piqué back, close…and reverse, 2 piqué back, etc. And 3 to side (3rd close slooww…), and 3 to side; and 8 sides. Reverse. 


*Rond de Jambe

-1 preparation, 2 rond de jambe, 2 in plie, 2 at 45, 90 to side double rond de jambe en l'air, close, inside développé front and close. Reverse. stretch towards the barre, cambré back, grab front leg and extend it into a stretch devant in plié, stretch the back of the leg, and slowly close in sous-sus with a straight leg. 

-2 Rond de jambe, brush 45 front and 45 back, 2 en l'air, 2 on à terre, brush 90 front and 90 back, and a grand rond de jambe, close jeté front. Reverse. Penché to 180 degree leg, arabesque to 90 degree, faille into an attitude derèirre towards barre on high relevé, let go and take a balance.



-1 front frappés, 2 fast frappés, double back, double front; to the side, petit battement fondu front to corner, petit battement fondu side to side close back in 5th, cambré forward. Reverse.

-1 front, 1 side, double front, triple side; Back; coupé coupé open à la second, petit battement open, close 5th plié, détourné, and prepare side; reverse. Open side tendu turn towards barre to other side and dive into a penché hold, and other side. 



*Grand Battement

-1 slow, 2 fast devant; same side; same inside front, and outside side, inside back, outside side (all at a faster tempo), and hold 8. Port de bras forward and back, and balance in sur la coup de pied. Reverse, but take a balance in retiré .

-Battement front, battement inside back, battement outside side and battement inside front all with flexed feet! Développé back. and développé front. Reverse. 
















-Tendu side and close 1st and close 5th, 4 times, and coming forward 4 times. Plié sous sous, plie 1/2 pirouette en dehore, again, and brush a la second and coupé back and pas de bourrée 5th, pirouette en dehore. Other side. 



-Start in 5th, R foot back. Walk 2 steps coming down stage to 1 o'clock, start with R foot then L, with arms extending from an allongé back position and bring them to 1st and finishes at low 5th, to piqué 1st arabesque, and plié and relevé, pas de bourrée to 5th. Écarté and shift to effacé, and brush back to attitude on relevé and plie and tombé pas de bourrée. Other side.

-Écarté in plié, close back in 5th, chassé to 6 o'clock corner and swan plié arabesque, hold, promenade around to back passé elevé balance, close in sous-sus coupé, small développé front and piqué arabesque, in to penché, swing back leg to 4ths, place foot, and 2 pirouette en dedans. Otherside.



-From 8 o'clock corner. Start in 5th position, R foot back. Tombé pas de bourrée, demi contretemps and piqué passé onto the left leg and suspend. Step chassé to L and step saut de basque jump and piqué to 3rd arabesque to L corner and chassé back and pas de basque to L and tendu croisé derriere and plie in 4th and pirouette en dehore and land in a wide lunge in 4th. 




















-From 8 o'clock corner, R foot back in 5th, pas de basque to 5th, chassé to 4th and pirouette en dehore turn and repeat once more. Waltz turns 2xs, piqué arabesque and brush through/faille the working leg and pick up front leg into a passé on flat and place back in 4th back, pirouette en dedans and détourné and tour en l'air, chassé and reach pose in 2nd arabesque.


*Warm Up For Jumps

-Start with R foot in front. 4 changement, 1 sauté in 1st, 2 sauté in 2nd, 5 sauté in 5th (close front don't change first), and sous-sus relevé and royale.


*Petit Allégro

-Entrechat trois jump, jeté, temps levé, pas de bourrée, ballotté devant and ballotté derrière and devant again and pas de bourrée to 5th. Sissonne fermée side, sissone effacé in arabesque, sissone overt back in effacé devant, pas de chat. Balancé over, balancé under.

-2nd to coupé onto the R foot, 2nd to coupé onto the L foot, Change ballonné R, cabriole to the R, jeté leap and pas de bourrée. L side. Then, sissone front, sissone side, sissone back, sissone side, jeté, temps levé, glissade, brisé. Other side.

-2 brisé volé, glissade brisé volé and 2nd and change. Back  brisé volé (going towards the R still) x2, glissade brisé volé and 2nd and close. Again to front; Chassé to 4th and pirouette. L side.


*Grand Allégro

-Piqué turn, temps levé arabesque, and balancé under, again, and balancé balancé turn to 6 clock, chase passé back sauté, and temps de fleche kick (left, right), chassé and piqué arabesque, chassé and saut de chat x2 in 3rd arabesque legs croisé L leg front. 

-Failli assemblé, step back développé front croisé, chassé step step leap (Bourneville), and again. Piqué 1st arabesque chassé back and cabriole around through failli coupé, and tombé pas de bourrée glissade pas de chat and present.



-Stand in 1st position, port de bras through 1st, high 5th and open to 2nd position; 2 plié in 1st and 1 relevé hold, and bring arms down to low 5th. Step to L into a tendu à la second to R and rond de jambe to a B-plus position on the L leg, take a bow.


Mimi Demonstrating a "Sous-sus"

MImi Demonstrating "Pirouette en dedans" and "en dehors"

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