Dance Conditioning


-Shoulder rolls back and front x4 each

-Arms seaweeds x8, then +the plies and side bends

-Gather and fold in 6th and plié and roll up x2 and stay down to

-Reach twist R and L

-Same in 2nd without reach twist x4 faster tempo

-Stay in 2nd and bend side/jazz stretches x4 RLRL

-Slide 2nd x3 and 1 releve in 1st R and L x4

-Rib isolations: front R back L x2 and L; and rib cirlces x4 R and L, and  + arms in opposite direcitons.

-8 plies in 2nd hands on hip

-same with hands in 2nd…pulse down an inch plié and up x10

-Stay and arms pulse down an inch and up x10

-Releve in 2nd x8

-Turn L foot inward to face R wall and fold forward, flex foot R, and go into W3; balance; and come up and clasp hands behind low back and arch to ceiling; L

-2nd plié and shoulder inward to R twist and L




-Swan dive in 6th walk hands out

-Peddle out in down dog

-Penche R and lounge


-Come up and arch back and

-Drop the back knee on mat untuck toes and go deep on front knee

-Shift weight back and fold forward on R leg

-Back to lounge; frame foot and to plank

-Forearm plank to plank x2

-Down dog


-Repeat (maybe)

-Walk hands back to feet and Roll up


-Dive forward again and walk out to plank

-Drop knees on mat to transition onto all 4s

-Thread the needle R arm up and thread;





-Face barre in 1st: 2 slow plies and 6 bounces in plié

-Same 2nd

-Same 6th

-Stay: eleves x10

-Releves x10

-Stay pelvis tilts x10

-Stay and open knees x10; 10 more double time

-Stay in 1st: plié, force arch, releve and down x8;


-4 grand plies and shake it out; calf stretches.


One Hand on Barre:

-2nd: 8 grand plies

-Plie force arch straighten and down x4.

-Reverse x4


-Tendus front x10; side; back; side all 10


-Leg circles/rdj for 8 and 8 reverse.


-Leg lifts front inch x10, side, back, side


-Attitude back pulses x15 face barre


-Deg side and 2nd and deg and lounge to barre x8

-Stay passé parallel and bring it out to arab x8

-Stay and pulse in arab x15

-Pirformus stretch on L, R ankle Xes over



last barre exercise! J

-Curtsy and battement side x8


***Great work! H2O



-Dive and walk hands out and tap the R and L knees alternating for 8.

-Forearms plank

-Reverse plank and

-Bend knees and leg lifts x8 R and L

-Frog stretch foward


-Roll on back, knees up to ceiling: circle arms x4 to R

-Adding the torso x4


-Reach straight front and pulses

-L elbow to R knee x8 crunches;


-Both knees fall to R and Reach to R w/L arm twist pulses x8

-L for 8









-Bridge and leg kicks R and L

-Straighten the legs underneath you and roll up for 8


Be On Tummy:

-Forehead on back of palms: Lift R leg off x8


-Both legs for 8xs up and down

-Stay and beats in 1st open small and close it like a pair of scissors

-Child’s pose; Stretch to R and L



-Tuck toes under and down dog

-Walk hands back and roll up.



-Extend your R leg front and carry side


Modification: TREE pose


-Dive forward and step back to plank and to

-down dog

-R leg high and bend that R knee into scorpion pose

-and to pigeon

-Come up and bend back leg to attitude and pulses x8! Make your way back to

-down dog

-L (no dogs)

-Legs into straddle stretch bend side R and L and circle arm and push the ceiling away x4

-Legs front and fold forward w/flexed feet

-Roll on back “J baby” stretch!

Straighten the knees option

-Find a comfortable final resting pose and close your eyes.



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