Modern Class Combos



-Weight shifts: Front tendu, shift your body weight to the front leg (plié on it), tendu to straight leg and close, Left side; and a bigger repetition, and add a cambré to it. Back, then Side. 

-4 Roll through of the feet in 6th position starting with L, R, L R, and shift onto R foot to front, to 1 clock, to 3 and to side, plié with arms pulling backward, and releve and plié facing enface again, etc.

-Arch and roll through the back and curve over and walk into up dog, and into child's pose, and into a pigeon pose, and flip to back to a T back stretch, and sit up and move to side split, walk forward, and swing legs around and roll up. Other side. 

-Turn (with arms like holding a book) and reach, other side, and passé and back rond de jambe and reach. 





-2 parallel sauté, 2 in 1sts, and down coupe L step on it and turn, into a grand rond de jambe turn, chassé hop in arabesque, fall into a catch step.

-1 rdj, 1 in plié with arms circling; 2 more times, step onto a passé balance front; L; doing back. 

-Curve side R foot steps into a 4th front, and other foot into a twist side, and step over with a curve, and step over with an arch, twist, etc.

-4 in 1st, 4 in 2nd, 4 alternating, and 1 relevé





-Face where you're coming from, jeté in 1st arabesque, run to front facing audience, with R arm open to the side, drop to the floor scutch to forward sit, knees fall L then R, and scutch into plank, monkey walks back and get back up. 

-Strike a pose and hold, a jeté toss over, an arabesque turning jump, and walking backwards.

-Plié in 2nd, R hip hit to side and 2 walks in 5th sus sous; L; plié in 2nd curve over L arm 2 walks in 4th; L; Down piqué side kick suspend; L; Down 2 turns/or more, and step into attitude turn to the R. 

-Step effacé kick, step side kick with tilt, step over to arabesque and curve over and pas de bourrée.

-Straight leaps (2 types: 1. Travel. 2. Up!)





-Form a circle/ wait on the perimeters, have 2 groups. 1. Leading in with any body part; 2. stand in 1st and attitude front curving the torso over the attitude leg, bring it back to center in a parallel passé, bring it back to back attitude and plié the standing leg (etc. create a phrase for group 2).

-Sequential Movements on floor: 1. start in X, peel off the L fingers and reach towards the R hand in diagonal, then continue to build momentum with the body and floor (body floor pas de deux!) and see where it takes you. The floor is your partner!

-Start with weight shifts from front to back, then side to side, then explore the space with all, and clasp on the floor, relax muscles of the face, ex: use tongue to massage the insides of your mouth, notice your body. Start moving small parts of the limbs on floor, find the relationships of the floor, then find the negative spaces, continue to come up from the floor, explore the space with more lengthened limbs, fill the space, explore shapes, ideas, make eye contact with others, sensing what they are about, etc. Strike a final pose. 

-Reaching for the stars, and let one of them fall on you, slowly desend to 4th position, and get back up, repeat...while decreasing the number of counts i.e. starting with 20 counts, then 19, 18...

-Xfloor leading with elbow, pelvis, ribs, knees, head, etc. with high mid or low levels and traveling front, side and back all at the same time. 


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