Learn With Choreography. Say With Choreography.

Dance making can be used as a vehicle for learning. And I am appreciating more and more that dance skills are also transferable life skills. Being able to lead a group of dancers towards your choreographic vision, organizing a social event, or coming up with creative solutions to life's obstacles are all useful dance skills geared for a productive life. There is a need for me to choreograph and say what I can or cannot say with words. And I am discovering that this need- to visually communicate myself through dance, is my preferred learning style.

Being a visual learner, I find it more practical to learn about, for example, "stages of anger" using dance than reading about it. I physicalize my learnings so I can retain the information through muscle memory. By embodying an idea, I am essentially archiving the information into my body, therefore, deepening my understanding of it.

I also use choreography as a way to journal. It helps me keep a clearer perspective on things by getting myself out of my head. Movement is my philosophy, because I trust my body more than my mind. Sometimes choreography just comes to me, and I have no choice but to get up and start moving according to the wishes of my body. What is cool is through dancing out the steps, it also helps me take steps back from myself so I can see a situation with more clarity, thus, I can make better sense of what's going on in my life.

I am starting to believe more and more in the power of what our bodies tell us at times. In pain, in joy, in fear or in excitement. Our need to move is a miraculous expression of our state of being. When we create a dance, we release all our pent-up emotions, even emotions that are hard to identify. Dance helps us make sense of ourselves, therefore, is a necessary form of expression that shouldn't be overlooked.

Where can we get a PhD in Self Expression?

I hope your answer was choreography university. :)

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